Are you happy. . . or contented? Or still seeking?

What makes you happy?  Is it a momentary feeling or a state of mind?

Some experts describe happiness as a decision, while others say  it is well-worth

a determined search, no matter how long it takes.

“I have decided to be content in every situation”.  This takes concentration

and deliberation.   And it wasn’t my idea, it originated with someone who

suffered a lot, including surviving a shipwreck and enduring unfair

beatings.  But it works!

Yes, it takes a lot of practice and beginning again and again.  In time, it even

gets a little easier.

The best part is, happiness frequently drops in and real joy overcomes us.


3 Days that Changed the World

Two thousand and seventeen years ago, preparations were being made

to celebrate Passover.   Today, many Jewish families also are celebrating

this traditional holiday, an unbroken chain actually going back

more than 3000 years.

Jesus wanted to celebrate one last Passover with his disciples and

made arrangements to meet together the final Thursday of his life.

It ended up being the night he was betrayed.

It also was the night Jesus instituted what we now know as

“The Lords Supper ” or “Holy Communion”.   Jesus didn’t want to

leave us without this meaningful sacrament.

Five Days Left . . . to Finish the Job!

                          Jesus loves people.  He especially loves children.
                                While living here on earth, He enjoyed many relaxing meals with
                                people from a variety of lifestyles.
                                 We never read about Jesus rushing around in a big hurry.
                           We do read in the Bible, though, how often
                           Jesus rose early in the morning and went outside
                           alone to pray.
                             On this day, now known as Palm Sunday,  Jesus 
                          was greeted by people welcoming Him by waving palm
                          branches, as He road a donkey heading into Jerusalem.

                     There was much to be done in a few short days.


Are You Using Your Head?

Is the amount of our brain that we use just the tip of the iceberg?

It is said, most people use only 10% of their brain.  Do you agree? Guess we need to

figure out how to increase that number.  I’m shooting for 17% in 2017!



“The Playground of the Mind !”

Not sure I actually got this one on the air–one of my very first posts-lol DM

Heres Your Hope

Part of  preparing for being “snowed in” when my family and I lived up in

the North Woods of Wisconsin included a visit to the public library.   We

all stocked up on books, including three-year old Timmy’s favorite, “MopTop,”

and ten-year-old Pammy’s favorite, “LittleHouseonthePrairie.

Two books I selected were “BeyondOurselves” by inspirational author, Catherine

Marshall, and “PsychoCybernetics,” by surgeon Maxwell Maltz.  Both were so good

I didn’t mind a bit when we were snowed in.  A crackling fire in the our

heatilator fireplace, a cup of hot chocolate and the sight of snow falling out the

window set the right mood for my mind-boggling books.

Plastic Surgeon Maxwell Maltz made strong and memorable points . . . these two

quotes can influence many of us as we achieve our goal of holding on to hope.

  • This is where you will  win the battle –in…

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Taking my own advice!


Staying optimistic can be a full-time job.   Deliberately focusing on the positive

doesn’t come naturally.  Sometimes we don’t even realize we are taking

two steps forward and then slipping back  a step or two.  Guess we actually need to

stop and pay attention to what is going on in the back of our mind and what we are thinking.’

What you say is what you get.”  There is some truth in that premise even

though it isn’t always so. Every word begins with a thought.

When one says, ”I  just know this is gonna be a terrible day.” probably it will be.

Of course,  there may be times similar to “Alexander and the Terrible. Horrible. No Good, Very

Bad Day.”   I delayed reading that children’s book by Judith Viorst,  because of its negative title.

But eventually found it a slice of a kid’s real life.  Most kids laugh  and glad to know that others

have difficult days. too.

Maintaining one’s optimistic attitude is worth the effort and is time well spent.

Especially when we get the ‘hang of it’.  But it takes bit of intentional discipline.

Go ahead, give it your best shot . . . it will be well worth the effort.


Time Well Spent?

   As a writer, the older I get, an awareness of limited years to “put in writing”

all those “things” that lurk in my brain, labeled “do before I die” lingers.

Yet, at times, a sense of urgency seems to “paralyze” my creativity.

     Oh, I make lists, of course.  And often even do exactly what they say to do.

But, sometimes I get bogged down revising the lists.   Those are the times I am

frustrated because not enough gets done and another day of my life has ended.

     I do not believe in neglecting a bit of fun in my life.  When weather permits,

swimming laps exhilarates me and then I unwind by reading in the sun.  Yes,

these activities do give me a pleasant feeling of wellbeing.  Attending  a small,

home-based Bible Study is a highlight of my week.

     Many people seem to be able to “retire,”  relax and enjoy life, yet make time to

do meaningful volunteer work.  Now that I think about it, volunteering for

a variety of projects has been very meaningful for all of my adult life.

   For the last seven years,  I have enjoyed leading a talented group  of  writers,

(The Writers of Sica Hall), once a week as a volunteer.

  “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!”   Years ago, that was a popular poster.   It

seems to have become my motto again.   Well,. enough said.  Lists are waiting to be

rewritten.  This is the week I intend to accomplish a lot.

    However, looking back, I now realize how meaningful it has been to volunteer for many

groups, especially years with youth ministry in my church. Those hours will always be far

more important than any of my “to do” lists.