Patrick’s Unconditional Love

               A young boy was kidnapped from his bedroom while his parents slept nearby.  For several years, he was forced to be a slave for mean men.  During this time, he was cold and lonesome.    In  time he began praying to God, as he remembered his parents had taught him.  One day he was able to  escape and  return by ship to his parents.

             After a happy reunion, Patrick realized  that God was calling him to return to the country to which  he had been kidnapped and teach them about the love of God and the gift of his son, Jesus.   Patrick attended seminary then went to Ireland.  

       Many people “party hearty” every year on his birthday on March 17th but few think about what he really did. . .returned to those who held him captive and told them and others about the love of God.  He is named Saint Patrick for good reason.

    We can decide to try that our self . . . love those who hurt us or use us.  Amazing  how it helps us recover from anger and resentment. . the real truth is that when we withhold forgiveness from others, it breeds bitterness in us , not them. The best thing you can do right now is stop and think of every person that has ever abused, accused or used you in any way, and make a point to forgive them now- if not possible in person say it out loud and release yourself from your own chains.

.. . forgiving restores joy in our heart.  How wonderful we have St. Patrick as a successful role model.



Author: heresyourhopesite

Published author, mother, grandmother and person who has been through the " dark night in the soul" - I try to make each day a day that I become more grateful for what I have going right in my life instead of falling into the trap of getting hyper-focused on what is wrong... I hope to share some of what has worked for me, and learn how others have managed as well...

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