The Morning After… Starting Over, Again!

We all have experienced a depressing first thought upon awaking…. probably related to something bad or sad having recently  happened. In part this is due to our human nature and our being hyper-focused on what is wrong in our lives, which sets us up for failure every time. Try starting each day by naming 5 things you are very grateful for. Do your children have a terminal disease? If not, be very grateful because no amount of success or money can fix that..

Instead of wanting to bury our heads in our pillows and forget it all, open your day by reminding yourself of how very good you have it. If you live in America for example, you have it better then 90%  of the world. Not too shabby , huh?  No matter our situation, it can always be worse.

 Focusing our thoughts on the good things in our lives helps.  It puts things in perspective from the get go each day.  One thing that also worked for me was to have a “fun”  event on my calendar.  Several times, years ago, it was necessary for me to move, with my three children, to a different apartment or house.  A lot of hard work and not enough help.  Since this usually happened in late summer, before school resumed, I found that if I planned a day at one of our favorite lakes or at our church camp,  just thinking about it got me through the heavy work.  How wonderful it felt to be able to relax after the move.

Let me be clear, I am not saying or thinking that a simple solution like a day at the beach can get us through the heavier times.  Yet, just planning a day now or then when our issues and problems can be shelved for a time can help.  One day at a time helps us survive, but there will always be tough times when we wake up on a sad note.

Make sure you beat that old human nature to the punch, and start each day being thankful the good things in your life!  That part is simply a matter of discipline, retraining our brains to think accurately. It will amaze you how much differently you will see your circumstances if you commit to doing this. It may take a month before it comes naturally..

It will be the best investment you can make in your life if you allow it to be.



Author: heresyourhopesite

Published author, mother, grandmother and person who has been through the " dark night in the soul" - I try to make each day a day that I become more grateful for what I have going right in my life instead of falling into the trap of getting hyper-focused on what is wrong... I hope to share some of what has worked for me, and learn how others have managed as well...

2 thoughts on “The Morning After… Starting Over, Again!”

  1. Reblogged this on Heres Your Hope and commented:

    Good point in here. We all know someone who seems to ” have it all” but is absolutely miserable…I don’t think naming names is the answer, but ( Leona Helmsly ) but its not difficult to make a U-turn in our perspective, and reset our brains each morning.
    Good post.

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  2. Reblogged this on Dont Label My Kid! ( Or Me! ) and commented:
    This is a great example of how small things can make big differences in our daily lives. We all know someone who seems to have it all – yet they are absolutely miserable. Angry, bitter at the world and even their own blood.. I don’t like naming names,- but I have seen it many times both in my personal life and in the media.
    Leona Helmsly comes to mind.. … ( I said I didn’t like to name any names, but I will on occasion lol) Good stuff.


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