A Mother’s Day Remembered!

Having been a mother for over 50 years now, I have enjoyed many great Mother’s Day

celebrations.  Yet. one comes to mind that is different from the rest.  .   .

Sometimes, we are able to help someone put the pieces of their life together.

We may be the bit of glue that holds it together.


One May in the mid eighties, all of my kids had to work on Mother’s Day.  At

that time, I was Youth Director of my church and had offered to take teen twin boys out to

a forest preserve for a picnic.  (They lived with their grandma since neither their mom or

dad were involved in their life.)  The boys were ready and eager to leave right after church.

So we grabbed the cooler I had packed with sandwiches, snacks and cold pop.  It

was a nice day, and for hours we three played Chicago softball, munched and talked.

On the way home I asked them if they had a card for their grandmother.

”Well, no. She is not our mother!” they both replied.  After we talked about

the role their grandma played in their lives in light of Mothers Day, we decided to stop to buy a card for her.

At first they were  surprised but when they realized how significant  their grandmas role was, they were excited to sign their names.

(As it turned out they were even more pleased with how excited she felt)

When I was back home,  my house was empty and I enjoyed a long, leisurely bubble bath.  Weary from the hours playing ball in the hot sun, relaxing alone was a delightful sensation.  I felt really satisfied.

 I knew that this day would always be considered one of my favorite Mother’s Days – and I still do!











Author: heresyourhopesite

Published author, mother, grandmother and person who has been through the " dark night in the soul" - I try to make each day a day that I become more grateful for what I have going right in my life instead of falling into the trap of getting hyper-focused on what is wrong... I hope to share some of what has worked for me, and learn how others have managed as well...

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