Tackling My “Do Before I Die”List

Okay, here I go again . . . my first draft of this post was properly saved . . . then it just disappeared.  So, maybe I didn’t get it right the first time.  Yes, I do tend to believe there are times when weird things happen and later I realize it was “for the best” (whatever that means).

“Please don’t tell me you are that big a flake,” you may be thinking, as you move on.   Well. yes, I’m afraid I am. . . .  sometimes!  Other times, I am not only perfectly normal but even a bit profound.  It all depends on the situation or predicament

Creating a “Things to Do Before  I Die” list is a rather intimidating venture, for sure. It is possible I was “barking up the wrong tree,” the first time I tackled this topic. Of course, there is no guarantee I will get it right on the second try, either.  But, got to try again.  Sure don’t want to leave the most important thing off —  following the leading of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.




Author: heresyourhopesite

Published author, mother, grandmother and person who has been through the " dark night in the soul" - I try to make each day a day that I become more grateful for what I have going right in my life instead of falling into the trap of getting hyper-focused on what is wrong... I hope to share some of what has worked for me, and learn how others have managed as well...

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