Preparing My Will and Final Post

   As part of my “to do before I die” list, I am creating a “final post” on this blog.  It is not that I am planning to stop writing on my blog, just want to get the ending right.

  To my precious children, Pamela and her family and Timothy and his family, I am so grateful for their love and loyalty.  I ask for their forgiveness for things I said or did that hurt them or disappointed them.  Please also forgive me for things left undone that would have made their life better.

  Also, I want each family member to know that I have forgiven them whenever any   hurried word was uttered to me or words were not said that I hoped to hear but didn’t.  Often, within families, little things are misunderstood and grow into huge issues.  But never has any one in my family ever caused deep pain or anger.  Yet, it is important to me to assure my children, children in law and grandchildren that if there is or was any misunderstanding at any time, I totally forgive you and pray you forgive me.  Thank you all so much!

    I am so grateful that my family trusts our Heavenly Father and His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Nothing is as important to me in this world as knowing we will spend eternity together with God and Jesus and countless loved ones in Heaven.

    I woke up very early this morning, very eager to put this in writing.  Hopefully, at the right time, it will resurface and bless my dearly loved family.

 Written this first day of June, 2017.





Author: heresyourhopesite

Published author, mother, grandmother and person who has been through the " dark night in the soul" - I try to make each day a day that I become more grateful for what I have going right in my life instead of falling into the trap of getting hyper-focused on what is wrong... I hope to share some of what has worked for me, and learn how others have managed as well...

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