An ordinary, older woman, I have lived a “challenge-filled” but meaningful life.

I credit the encouragement of many loyal family members and friends for helping me victoriously survive many traumatic experiences.

In my 77 years, I have learned a lot about “staying strong.” (I believe my strength comes from the Lord of my life, Jesus Christ.)  Hopefully, sharing with others going through  difficult times, facing tough situations might be helpful and restore their hope.

Now that I am grandmother to eight amazing grandchildren, it amazes me how much I have learned about many things. I have been youth leader of my church,  managing editor of several publications, traveled in six southern states as a “trainer” of volunteers, been a literacy coordinator of tutors and students. I have also been a caregiver for elderly women

For the past seven years I have led a group of talented writers locally, and its been great-but I am not done